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Travel highlights Egypt

Travel highlights Egypt

The second largest city in Egypt, Alexandria, known as "The Pearl of the Mediterranean", has an atmosphere that is more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern. As the name suggest, Alexandria was built by the Greek architect Dinocrates on the order of Alexander the Great. Alexandria is considered to be the second largest city and the main port of Egypt. Known for the historical events in the lives of famous personalities like Cleopatra, Mark Antony, Julius Caesar and Octavian, Alexandria was the renowned capital of the Ptolemies.Some of the popular tourist attractions in Alexandria are:Pompeii's Pillar: This granite pillar was built amidst the ruins of the Serapium in 297 A.D in honor of the Emperor Diocletian.The Tombs of Al-Anfushi: Decorated with the pictures of Egyptian gods and their daily life, these beautiful Limestone Tombs were built in 250 B.C.The Graeco-Roman Museum: This historical museum houses a rich collection of rare Roman relics and coins belonging to a period from 3rd to 7th Century A.D.The Museum of Fine Arts: The Museum of Fine Arts is known for its rich collection of sculptures, paintings and architectural works.

The city of Aswan used to mark the southern boundary of the Ancient Egypt, and was then known as Syene. With its distinctive African atmosphere, it is one of the most beautiful places in the country with the town located on the east bank and the desert coming right to the Nile on the west bank. Small enough to explore around on foot, the pace of life is slow and relaxing. The souks, or the local markets are full of the scent and color of spices, perfumes and other Egyptian handicraft.

Cairo is the largest city in Africa and a center of the Islamic world. The modern city, with skyscrapers and luxury hotels, stands close to camel markets and spice bazaars. The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities is one of the world's great museums, with a wonderful collection of objects from ancient Egypt, including the contents of Tutankhamen's tomb. Old Cairo, with its ancient Coptic churches and Roman-era ruins, houses the Coptic Museum, a fascinating collection of objects and architecture from the era between the end of the pharaohs and the Islamic era. Islamic Cairo is filled with high-domed mosques and open-air bazaars, the largest and most famous of which is Khan al-Khalili. The area is dominated by The Citadel, a medieval fortress encircled with massive walls, and the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, whose thin minarets pierce the sky.

Giza is among the most important tourist attractions of Egypt and is famous the world over for the Pyramids and the Sphinx. These monuments have been listed as World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO.

Hurghada was founded in the early 20th century, and until a few years ago, remained a small fishing village. But today, it has gone on to become the foremost tourist resort of the Red Sea coast and an international center for aquatic sports. If it takes place in or on the water you can do it here: windsurfing, sailing, deep-sea fishing, swimming, but, above all, snorkeling and diving. The unique underwater gardens offshore are some of the finest in the world, justifiably famous amongst divers. The warm waters here are ideal for many varieties of rare fish and coral reefs, which may also be observed through glass bottom boats. This area has many fine accommodations, usually offering warm and efficient service. Restaurants are mostly along the main road. While in Hurghada, don't miss the museum and aquarium, with their complete collections of flora and fauna of the Red Sea.Today, Hurghada is known as a party town, particularly among Europeans. Locals and others will tell you that life begins at night in Hurghada, with the many, many clubs. They are particularly frequented by the young, but certainly many others of all ages. One may often find a rousing party centered around the visitors from a tour group taking over the action of a particular bar. They are easy to find along the main street, along with loads of inexpensive and expensive hotels.

Luxor is described as the "open-air museum, " of Egypt. Dotted with historic monuments Luxor is a great place to travel to on your holidays. Tour the Karnak Temple, twin statues of Ramses II, Temple of Luxor, El-Mekashkesh Mosque, Mummification Museum and the Luxor Museum.

Nile Cruises
Discover mysterious & enchanting Egypt by sailing down the magnificent Nile. You will see some of the most spectacular sites in the world while discovering the Land of the Pharaohs including Cairo, Nile cruise and Abu Simbel.

Sharm El-Sheikh
The simplicity of sun, sea and sand. The luxury of five-star hotels, water sports, shopping and entertainment. This is Sharm el-Sheikh, one of the most accessible and developed tourist resort communities on the Sinai peninsula. All around are Bedouins, colorful tents, mountains and sea. There are small, intimate hotels with modern designs, as well as larger hotel complexes belonging to International chains, plus about all the amenities one could expect of a tourist center, including casinos, discos and nightclubs, golf courses and health facilities. In fact, with diving and snorkeling, windsurfing and other water sports, horses and camel riding, desert safaris, and great nearby antiquities attractions, it is almost impossible for a visitor to ever suffer from boredom. Four miles south the southern section of the town stands on a cliff overlooking the port. and is a great view. Na'ama Beach is one of the center of the tourist activities. Located just north of Sharm, this area is developing into a resort town of its own. Most hotels at Na'ama Bay have their own, private beaches with comfortable amenities such as chairs, shades and even bars. Shark's Bay is also nearby, and again is a growing resort community with more and more to offer, along with several diving centers. The small harbor known as Sharm el-Moiya is located next to the civil harbor, has accommodations for boats, and includes a Yacht Club with rooms. For those who like to shop, the Sharm El-Sheikh mall provides shops with both foreign and local products, including jewelry, leather goods, clothing, pottery and books. It has been said that this is a must visit for all diving enthusiasts. There are many diving sites along the 10 mile beach between Sharm el-Sheikh and Ras Nusrani.