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Festivals in Egypt

Festivals in Egypt

Sun Festival

According to ancient Egyptian mythology, the sun god was the most important deity for the ancient Egyptians. Celebrated at the biggest temple of the ancient world at Abu Simbel, the festival is celebrated in February and  October when the sun rays reach the innermost sanctums of the temple and only the statue dedicated to Ptah the goddess of darkness remains in the dark. Other important deities like Ra, Ramses and Amun get enlightened, creating a spectacular scene for all those that are present at the temple.

This is one of the best-recommended things to experience from around the world. This is a recommended thing for you to witness while on a trip to this ancient yet spectacular land of the world’s most advanced ancient civilization of the world. It was one of the most revered festivals in ancient Egypt.

When is it Celebrated: February and October
Where is it Celebrated: Abu Simbel


The most important month in the whole year for Muslims all across the world, the month of Ramadan in Egypt gives some of the most beautiful and unique spectacles that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. During this month most Muslims avoid food, drinks, and cigarettes from sunrise to sunset. Bazaars and markets come alive with fairy lighting and loads of people breaking their fast and celebrating their culture with their family and friends. If you are planning to travel to Egypt, try and travel during this month to have the best spectacle of this unique festival celebrated by society.

Where is it Celebrated: All over Egypt
When is it Celebrated: April – May 2022
Highlights of the festival: The night bazaars and markets are bustling with people.

Wafaa Al Nil

Another festival dedicated to the auspicious Nile is Wafaa Al Nil or Fidelity of the Nile which is celebrated each year in the month of September to celebrate the importance of this river for the Egyptian people. This festival in Egypt is mostly a cultural festival which includes concerts, poetry readings, and events for the Egyptian children.

Where is it Celebrated: All across Egypt
When is it Celebrated:August 
Highlights: Concerts, poetry and knowledge events for children